Award Winning Angeleno Wines - Grown by Alonso Family Vineyard

Grown and Crafted in Southern California

Angeleno Wines – Grown by Alonso Family Vineyard

receives Editor’s Choice Award from Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Romantic Diners

Pictured above: Grenache from Angeleno Wine Company – Grown by Alonso Family Vineyard

Among the Alonso Family Vineyard’s various wine offerings are several wines that are produced by the Angeleno Wine Company, which is based in downtown Los Angeles.

Three of these wines have received excellent scores from Wine Enthusiast Magazine, including the Angeleno 2017 Zanja Madre Alonso Family Vineyard Red (Sierra Pelona Valley), which not only received a score of 90 points, but was also awarded an Editor’s Choice!

Click here to read the review, along with more information about this excellent wine.

We’re also very proud to have received a score of 90 points for the Angeleno 2018 Alonso Family Vineyard Albariño (Sierra Pelona Valley), as well as a score of 89 points for the Angeleno 2017 Alonso Family Vineyard Syrah (Sierra Pelona Valley).

To read the Wine Enthusiast review for the Albariño, please click here.

To read the Wine Enthusiast review for the Syrah, please click here.

Pictured above: Image of results from Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s ratings for Angeleno Wines.

Click here to visit this search results page on their site and read more.

About Alonso Family Vineyard

Le Chene

Juan Alonso at the Alonso Family Vineyard – Agua Dulce, CA

Juan Alonso, owner and head chef of the renowned French Restaurant, Le Chene for almost 40 years, began operating Alonso Family Vineyard in 1995.

Against the advice of many who thought the region was unsuitable for a high quality vineyard, Juan has persevered and continued to grow the fine reputation of Alonso Family Vineyard and gone on to produce award winning wine ever since.

Through a partnership with Jasper Dickson, of Angeleno Wine Company, Alonso Family Vineyard has broadened its reach and is bringing ever more award winning wines to a wider audience.

As Jasper says, “There are no words to articulate the stunning beauty of the vineyard in the early morning during harvest. It is still cold enough to see your breath and you need to wear gloves, even though it’s summer. Juan is the heart and soul of Angeleno. We consider him Angeleno’s real winemaker, as the character of his vineyard is what shines through in our wines.”

About Angeleno Wine Company

Jasper Dickson was born and raised in Northern California. His father was a home winemaker who would take Jasper along when he would go wine tasting. It was there that the seeds were sown: the smell of fermenting wine, the vibrant greens of surrounding vineyards. All made an impression that would last a lifetime.

Soon, Jasper moved to Los Angeles, met Juan Alonso, and fell in love with the Alonso Family Vineyard. This, combined with a deep dive into Los Angeles’ forgotten wine history, convinced him that the city could have and deserved to have its own local wine. The stage was set and Angeleno Wine Company was born.

Amy Luftig Viste grew up outside Cincinnati, Ohio. She moved steadily west over time, pursuing a career in public policy and health care access. Along the way, Amy fell in love with wine, and became obsessed after volunteering with California winemakers during harvest. She decided by the end of the first day that nothing was more fun than cleaning wine barrels, shoveling grapes out of a fermenter, picking fruit in the earliest hours of the day and spending countless sober and not-so-sober hours with the soulful, hard-working types who gravitate towards the winemaking path.

To read and learn more about Angeleno Wine Company, please click here.

Le Chene

Amy and Jasper of Angeleno Wine Company

Special Deals for Members of the Angeleno Wine Club!

For anyone who is a member of the Angeleno Wine Club, Le Chene offers a 15% discount off your check when dining at our restaurant.

Additionally, we will waive our regular $20 corkage fee on any bottle of  Angeleno Wine that you bring with you.

As Juan said, we’re pleased to help you to enjoy the fruit of our labor, from our own vineyard. We look forward to seeing you at Le Chene!

To read and learn more about Angeleno Wine Company’s Wine Club and to join the club, please click here.

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update for July 2, 2020

It is with much regret that we announce Le Chene French Cuisine will again temporarily close its doors starting 7/2/2020. This is due to the recent mandates by our governor on July 1, 2020.

Gift certificates are still available for purchase on our website or over the phone at 661-251-4315. We will also continue to post any updates as they come.

We sincerely thank all of you who dined with us these last few weeks during our reopen, and we are truly grateful for your continued support and patronage during these trying times.

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